Solar Water Heats Up

Solar water was hot in the 1980s, but due to the poor performance of some of those early systems, it faded into relative obscurity. Nobody wanted to deal with scalding water on hot days and cold showers at night.

Water heating accounts for 17 percent of a typical home’s energy use, so it’s a ripe target for savings.

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Supersized solar farms are sprouting around the world (and maybe in space, too)

In a quest to cut the cost of clean electricity, power utilities around the world are supersizing their solar farms.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in southern Egypt, where what will be the world’s largest solar farm — a vast collection of more than 5 million photovoltaic panels — is now taking shape. When it’s completed next year, the $4 billion Benban solar park near Aswan will cover an area 10 times bigger than New York’s Central Park and generate up to 1.8 gigawatts of electricity.

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